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3Q Technologies Launches Medically Proven System for 3-D Digitization of the Human Form in Commercial Applications

ATLANTA – March 21, 2002 - 3Q Technologies ( announced the launch of the first portable system in its new modular Qlonerator Series, enabling multimedia professionals to digitize the human form in 3-D to medical quality standards in two milliseconds, while preserving true to life realism.

With a technology foundation in healthcare applications, the Qlonerator system combines the clinical accuracy required for surface measurement and the surface texture detail required for burns and wounds assessment, with the speed of capture needed to image restless children for pediatric applications.

“Our 3-D capture technology has evolved in the demanding environment of healthcare, where every second counts and patient images have to be right the first time,” said 3Q’s CEO Chris Lane. “With this solid foundation, I believe 3Q’s Qlonerator Q100 can deliver the same type of results to deadline-driven professionals who must meet next generation platform quality standards.”

3Q’s unique approach projects a random light pattern on the subject and captures him/her with precisely synchronized digital cameras set at various angles. With 3Q’s modular approach, up to twelve Q100 units may be linked together to enable simultaneous capture registration of larger subject areas including full heads, entire bodies and even large animals. Qlonerator Q100 system specifications:

· Capture Speed: 0.002 seconds per image

· Coverage Area: Face

· Capture Unit: Portable and Easy-to-Operate

· Registration: Automatic

· Capture Data: Simultaneous capture and registration of geometry and texture

· Accuracy: Sub-millimeter

· Polygon Count: 30K-40K (ability to decimate to requirements)

· Surface Texture: 24-bit color

About 3Q

3Q Technologies, a pioneer in 3-D human form personalization, has taken a sophisticated medical imaging technology that captures highly-accurate 3-dimensional surface images of people, and makes it accessible and affordable for consumers and professionals. 3dMD is 3Q Technologies’ healthcare application subsidiary. Some customers of the company include Bradford Royal Infirmary, The Centre, P.C., Indiana; Chelsea & Westminster; Decatur Memorial Hospital; Glasgow Science Centre; London Science Museum; University of Puerto Rico; and University of Washington, Seattle. For more information, visit


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