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3Q Installs 3D Game Image Generators in Select Babbage's Etc. Stores


3Q inc. has launched its Q Clone Generator at Babbage's Etc. stores in San Jose, Seattle, and Dallas. PC gamers can now capture their 3D image, customize their "clone," and easily upload it into such games as Quake III Arena and Half-Life: Opposing Force.

With its quick, safe, non-laser image capture technique known as Digital Surface Photogrammetry, 3Q delivers a technology first. As is typical with previous 3-D image-capture techniques, any slight movements from the subject during the capture process can drastically impact the accuracy and quality of the final image. 3Q's DSP technology eliminates this variable by achieving unprecedented capture times, as low as 8 milliseconds.

"This technology has been in development for more than five years and is already in use by the medical community. It is now set to revolutionize the home entertainment and gaming experience," said Chris Lane, CEO of 3Q.

"3Q's technology is exciting for the electronic gaming community," said David Eddings, Director of Promotions at Gathering of Developers. "This technology will take games such as Quake III and Rune to the next level. The biggest impact, however, will be in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) such as the upcoming Shadowbane."

Besides capturing their 3D image, gamers can use Q Clone to manipulate and customize the image with such details as aging techniques, scars, and body types.


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