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2/8/2005 First Production 4D Technology-Based Dynamic System Delivered to New UK Customer, Cardiff University Release
2/1/2005 3Q Announces QloneratorPRO 400 Head Capture System Release
1/24/2005 New Generation of European Healthcare and Research Clients Release
1/20/2005 Peter Jennings Captured in 3D on ABC Primetime Live Release
10/26/2004 The Company Supports a Formal Tribute to the Life and Contributions of Professor Leslie G Farkas Release
10/19/2004 The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Is the First Australian Customer Release
9/20/2004 ADIR Selects 3dMD’s Foundation 3D Subject Capture Technology for Inclusion in its Face Recognition System Release
8/23/2004 New Healthcare and Biometrics Clients Announced Release
8/16/2004 3Q Announces Laptop-Version of its QloneratorPRO 200 Release
8/13/2004 3dMD Client Arizona State University Enrolls More Than 500 Subjects for Biometrics Analysis and Authentication Research During SIGGRAPH 2004 Release
5/6/2003 3dMD, 3Q's Sister Company, Announces Four New Healthcare Clients, a Complementary Software Partner, and a New Chief Scientific Advisor Release
4/29/2002 Extreme 3D Art Computer Graphics World
3/21/2002 3Q Technologies Launches Medically Proven System for 3-D Digitization of the Human Form in Commercial Applications Release
1/25/2002 3Q Technologies Limited Acquires 3-D Business of TCT international plc Release
9/1/2001 Getting Your Head Into the Game (excerpt) Computer Games
8/14/2001 3Q Partners With Haptek To Make Electronic Cloning Fun Release
8/9/2001 Putting Your Face Inside a Video Game The New York Times
8/1/2001 All Your Face Are Belong To Us GamePro
8/1/2001 Coolest Booth Technology (For Gamers) Well-Rounded
7/1/2001 Face/Off PC ZONE
6/9/2001 3Q Interview voodoo extreme
5/31/2001 GDC 2001 GameDev.Net
5/29/2001 Living In A Fantasy World Smart Computing
5/21/2001 Critical Hit
4/14/2001 CBS The Saturday Early Show CBS The Saturday Early Show
4/6/2001 Your 3D Clone in CS Chicago Gamers
4/6/2001 CPL Updates planet Half-Life
4/6/2001 Q-Clone Generator at CPL Event The Adrenaline Vault
4/5/2001 3Q Announces Special Offer for CPL Attendees
3/28/2001 GDC 2001: The good, the bad, and the ugly
3/28/2001 Crisi d’identità Daily Radar
3/23/2001 Making Senses Out of Games Wired
3/22/2001 You in a Game Planet Unreal
3/21/2001 Cloning Martin TechTV
3/9/2001 Got Game? Go to the GDC
3/9/2001 Building The Perfect Beast
3/1/2001 3Q Makes Gaming Personal Next Gen
2/28/2001 Q-Clone Generator
2/27/2001 Quakelord's Quake News
2/26/2001 Q-Clone Generator News the Adrenaline Vault
2/26/2001 Clone Yourself into Half-Life!
2/26/2001 News: Q-Clone - Das virtuelle ICH in Spielen gameplex
2/26/2001 3Q's Q-Clone Generator
2/20/2001 One with the Game Elite
2/1/2001 The First Time Ever I Shot Your Face Wired
1/8/2001 GameGear: 3Q Clone Generator TechTv
1/1/2001 Six Reports From The Edge Maximum PC
1/1/2001 Digital Cloning PC Gameplay
12/15/2000 Don't Just Play the Game, Be In It! The Adrenaline Vault
12/8/2000 ABC World News Now (video clip) ABC World News Now
11/21/2000 Video Games: Here's Looking at You, Kids London Financial Times
11/13/2000 3Q Article Shadowbane Stratics
11/11/2000 3Q Inc. launches 3D 'Q Clone Generators' for gaming community at Babbage's
11/11/2000 3D Imaging For Gamers
11/10/2000 'Cloning' process promises parallel universe of gaming.
11/10/2000 3Q Inc. Launches 3D Clone Generators Release
11/10/2000 3Q Installs 3D Game Image Generators in Select Babbage's Etc. Stores
11/10/2000 Put Yourself in the Game
11/7/2000 3Q: Put on a helmet and prepare to do battle Local - Atlanta
11/7/2000 3Q to launch Q Clone Generator Computer Graphics World
11/4/2000 Get In The Game - Literally
11/2/2000 Put Yourself in a 3D Game zdnet gamespot
11/1/2000 Product News: 3Q Inc. Shows Off its Image Cloning Capabilities

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