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3Q's technology was first launched into the demanding healthcare market. Not only were high precision 3D surface images needed for patient examination and assessment, 3Q had to develop an innovative imaging technique that would keep patient anxiety to a minimum and ensure reliability and ease-of-use for the doctor. As a result, the underlying technology was developed with a capture speed of ~1.5 milliseconds, while processing takes just seconds.

Today, 3Q's innovation, through its 3dMD sister company, is being used by clinical centers of excellence around the world. With approximately 125 3D system customers, our technology actively supports specialties such as paediatric care (helping children with facial defects), cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and burns and wounds treatment. This concentrated focus has enabled us to build an extensive knowledge base surrounding the human form, including anatomy, skin characteristics and feature landmarking.

And with this knowledge base, 3Q launched the QloneratorPRO Series to improve the economics and quality standards for multimedia professionals. The system is designed for those professionals who want to incorporate realistic-looking 3D characters into their production, but don't want to have their creative people tied down cleaning up the images. Also with the systems unprecedented speed, multimedia professionals will be able achieve capture times of up to sixty frames a second, thus generating a sequence of true 3D movement.



  • Kodak and 3dMDvultus form a new strategic alliance to provide orthodontic and oral/maxillofacial surgery professionals with highly precise, ultra-fast 3D surface images of patients, and software to analyze treatment outcomes in a digital 3D environment, as a result of
  • 3dMDvultus inc announced the general release of the Arnett 3D Treatment Planning Software Module at the Sixth Annual Advanced Orthognathic Surgery Foundation Meeting in Santa Barbara. The latest module for 3dMDpatient is a direct result of close cooperation with G William Arnett, DDS, FACD.
  • 3dMD successfully completed a private financing facility with a group of professional investors based in Houston and Toronto. With a portion of this facility being used to launch the 3dMDvultus subsidiary, it is expected that other vertical market initiatives will follow later in the year financed by the same source.
  • While the majority of 3dMD’s business continues to be fueled by the healthcare/dental market, the company has seen a healthy growth in revenues relating to security applications and advanced research initiatives in the United States and United Kingdom.
  • In 2005, 3dMD continues to generate strong revenue to propel solid growth and advancements for its customers. By June 2005, 3dMD had already exceeded its 2004 revenue, enabling the company to further expand its engineering team in Atlanta. The company will be relocating to a larger facility this summer on the Atlanta Galleria office campus.
  • 3dMD signed its 100th customer in 2005.
  • 3dMDpatient™ v.3.0 was released and 3dMD has received significant positive feedback from our prestigious clinical user base that has been very instrumental in helping us specify and validate these functionality updates.
  • Delivered and commissioned 4D motion capture version of the 3dMDface System to 3dMD customer Cardiff University


  • 3dMD delivered laptop version of the 3dMDface System as a second system to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIDCR)
  • Some new European 3dMD customers include Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics; University of St Andrews (UK); Universitat Greifswald (Germany)
  • 3dMD launched latest generation 3dMDcranial System (360-degree head scanner)
  • Some new US 3dMD customers include Harvard Medical School (Boston Children’s Hospital); US National Institutes of Health (NIDCR); Children’s Hospital, Seattle
  • Some new biometric-focused customers include Mitsubishi (MERL); The University of Notre Dame; Arizona State University
  • 3dMD officially launched 3dMD in SE Asia and Australia at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons conference in Melbourne
  • 3dMD s igned first Australian customer - Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne


  • The company delivered next generation custom technology to customer Walt Disney Feature Animation
  • Some new 3dMD customers included University of Oklahoma, Dental School; St Louis Children’s Hospital; Walter Reed Army Medical Center; MD Anderson Cancer Center; etc.
  • The company transitioned Research & Development from the UK to the US



  • The company demonstrated its technology capturing 30 frames per second at SIGGRAPH
  • 3Q launches QloneratorPRO Series
  • 3Q Technologies Ltd. acquires the business of TCT international, which includes 3dMD and 3Q


  • 3dMD launched 3dMDtorso System for breast reconstruction and cosmetic procedures
  • 3Q pilot conducted to consumer-proof its lab technology
  • 3dMD registered DSP800 3-D imager with the FDA


  • 3dMD registered DSP400 3-D imager with the FDA
  • 3dMD launched into healthcare market

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